Anjali Haridas

Russo’s is a gem of a pizzeria in Jumeirah center! I was there last weekend and I really enjoyed my meal with my family. We were served baskets of garlic bread with a couple of condiments until our order was served.
We ordered the biggest pizza there is which came with the option of choosing 4 different pizza toppings! We chose three because we wanted their best seller topping “New York Village” to be half of it! This was generously topped with pepperoni, beef, all kinds of veggies and mozzarella! This was the star topping in my opinion.
The other 2 toppings we picked were chicken rustica which had lots of feta, spinach and chicken, and buffalo chicken which was a spicy chicken pizza with buffalo sauce.
The pizzas were all generously topped and I could tell that they were made with fresh ingredients! I loved the food and i’m definitely going back there!
I highly recommend the New York Village and their biggest pizza if you’re with a large crowd!

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